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about a sim.
This lj community is here to house my sim stories. I tend to get a little overzealous and start a couple of houses/games, so updates on certain families may be sporatic. I only do this so that I don't burn myself out while playing just one family.

Most of my custom content comes from modthesims2.com. I'm an addict when it comes to cc. I just don't like the same ol' stuff for everysim.

about donna.
My personal lj is taintly_faded. I'm a sim addict and have been since the first game. However, I tend to become enthralled in the game for a while then the fun factor drops because I'm playing one family to death so I end up not playing for months, deleting the game and the content. But then I get the itch to start playing again and it's a vicious cycle. Hence why I'm starting stories and a few different families/challenges. Maybe this will keep me interested. And hopefully someone out there will find my sims at least laughable.